Non-life insurance companies strengthen ‘overseas travel insurance’

As more and more people plan to travel abroad as the obligation to test for COVID-19 before entering the country is abolished, insurance companies are also offering products that have reorganized their existing overseas travel insurance.

According to the insurance industry today (27th), AXA Insurance introduced the “Direct Overseas Travel Insurance” product with the global travel and leisure e-commerce platform Klook on the 8th.

This product is a disease including COVID-19 while traveling abroad through overseas medical expenses and can be guaranteed if you receive outpatient, hospitalization, or treatment at a local medical institution.

In addition, it provides compensation for various emergency situations that may occur during overseas travel, such as ▲ death from injury and post-injury disability ▲ medical expenses ▲ liability for portable goods ▲ serious accident rescue costs ▲ compensation for delays in aircraft and luggage.

It also supports 24-hour Korean language support service that allows you to get help in Korean in case of an emergency while traveling abroad.

Depending on the coverage, this product consists of three types: basic, standard, and advanced, and up to 10 people can sign up at the same time by entering the date of birth of a companion such as family or friends. Another feature is that customers who leave Korea and abroad can sign up the same way even if they are foreigners.

Hana Insurance recently launched an insurance product that guarantees the cost of quarantine due to COVID-19 confirmation while traveling abroad for those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. It is equipped with a special contract that guarantees the cost of living in isolation (accommodation, food expenses) for up to 10 days in case of COVID-19 symptoms (fever, body aches, etc.) and staying abroad beyond the travel period or being quarantined after receiving mandatory quarantine notice from overseas countries.

In July, KB Insurance Direct launched “KB Overseas Travel Insurance,” which further strengthened its coverage in consideration of the situation in which some countries request traveler’s insurance that guarantees COVID-19 treatment costs when entering the country. 여행 This product is characterized by expanding the coverage of medical expenses from 30 million won to up to 50 million won when treated at overseas medical institutions for diseases including COVID-19. You can choose the guarantee plan you want, such as basic, standard, and advanced, and sign up one hour before departure, and you can cancel before departure.