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In recent years, the media have become better at identifying high-stakes issues and characterization of American political news. The media has become better at focusing on the high-stakes of policy and governing than they were a decade ago. In the past, the press corps was primarily concerned with describing the intrigue of the presidential campaign. In contrast, the media in 2017 is less concerned with infighting than it was a decade ago.

The Hill

The Hill is a widely read American political news website. The site specializes in non-partisan coverage of Washington, D.C., and its trusted content is shared on social media more than any other political news brand in the country. In 2016, The Hill had a readership of more than six million. The company also has a print edition that covers Congress and a variety of issues. Its content is widely read by influencers and legislators, and its articles are frequently quoted in major news outlets.

Among political parties, The Hill is considered to be neutral or lean Left. However, it also receives strong ratings from independents and Democrats. This may be a result of its moderate tone. Independents and Republicans alike tend to lean to the Left, according to the poll. Participants rated The Hill as Lean Left, but those with a more liberal view thought The Hill was leaning Left. According to the poll, The Hill is on the borderline between Left and Center.


In the early days, Politico followed the conventional rules of political journalism, covering Washington politics and Congress with the speed of a sports publication. However, Politico’s political coverage was not free of flaws. The outlet’s early coverage tended to be biased toward the Republican party, and its reporters were almost all White. The resulting coverage gained a massive following and Influence among political figures, editors, and journalists alike. This prompted many of them to hire staff from the Northern Virginia-based outlet.

The tone of the newsroom changed in the late-Trump era. While the news industry hired more reporters of color and made an effort to address the issue of racism, Politico was more focused on investigating the behavior of Washington policymakers. Politico broke the story of the Aaron Schock spousal abuse and the Andrew Puzder scandal. Today, Politico has become one of the most respected and viewed sources of American political news.

COCA magazines

COCA magazines provide a wealth of information for those interested in American politics. They also focus on issues that affect women, immigrants, and the LGBTQ+ community. One issue focused on the role of women in the arts and culture, and featured a playwright exploring the experiences of immigrants. Another featured an essay on white privilege and the N-word in hip-hop. More than half of COCA’s writers were women.

The Washington Post

The Post has had trouble attracting new readers in recent years. The paper is currently experiencing a decline in its readership, with a 35% decrease in nonsubscriber traffic over the past two years. While the number of subscribers is increasing, it is not enough to compensate for the loss. In October 2021, the paper will have 56% more digital subscribers than it did in October of 2019.

While the Post is widely considered a reliable source of American political news, a recent study showed that it is biased in favor of the Left. In fact, the poll surveyed over 7,000 Americans and found that over half of them rated the newspaper as Lean Left or Close to Center. The poll found that The Post has endorsed Democratic presidential candidates in at least nine presidential elections, and never endorsed a Republican candidate. It recently endorsed Democrat Joe Biden for president in the 2020 election.

The Washington Post’s Adam Serwer

Adam Serwer is a staff writer for The Atlantic’s Ideas section and manages its team of politics and critical essays. Prior to The Atlantic, Serwer was national editor at BuzzFeed News and a reporter for MSNBC. He has written for Mother Jones, The Washington Post, and The American Prospect, and has been awarded the 2019 Hillman Prize for Opinion Journalism. He is currently a writing fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center.

Among our notable alumni are Andrea Korzenik McCarren ’78, who anchors National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition and Adam Serwer ’05, national editor of digital Buzzfeed. Another Vassar alum, Adam Serwer ’05, is the national editor of digital Buzzfeed, a media company for the “social age.” Among other notable Washington-based alumni, are Emily Lenzner ’92, executive editor of health at The Washington Post and Mary Jo White ’78, a reporter with the “Wall Street Journal.”

The Washington Post’s Axel Springer

While The Washington Post is known for its in-depth coverage of politics, its Axel Springer may have a different take on the political landscape in the U.S. Axel Springer, the German-born owner of POLITICO and the remaining 50% share of POLITICO Europe, has been growing his U.S. media empire over the past couple years. In 2015, he bought the business news site Business Insider for $500 million, and most recently acquired the digital publisher Morning Brew. Politico, which was launched in 2007, has changed the face of Washington coverage and paved the way for events and high-priced subscription services.

While Politico has long been in talks with Axel Springer, his latest move may be a move that would help him expand his business beyond the United States. The company has partnered with Politico before, and recently launched a joint venture in Europe. The new European operation is based in Brussels and has offices throughout Europe. The merger between Axel Springer and Politico would give Axel Springer a much larger global presence.