England Political News

england political news

If you are looking for the latest headlines in England politics, there are a number of things that you should know. Today, there’s a grenade-throwing Boris Johnson in Parliament, a plan to suspend Parliament and force through a no-deal Brexit, a Science minister quits over a COVID-19 pandemic, and cyclists could be forced to carry insurance and registration plates.

Boris Johnson pictured throwing grenades

The former Tory leader of the UK was pictured in full military gear – and throwing grenades. Boris Johnson was visiting the UK to speak to a contingent of Ukrainian troops currently in training in the North Yorkshire region. In a visit which coincided with the 150th day of the bloody invasion by Vladimir Putin, Boris Johnson was pictured donning full camouflage and tactical headphones. He was also pictured sitting in the cockpit of a Typhoon fighter jet, surrounded by a range of weapons.

Parliament suspended to force through no-deal Brexit

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced plans to suspend Parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit on October 14. This would severely limit the parliamentary time available before the Oct. 31 Brexit deadline. Johnson confirmed the move to Parliament after lawmakers returned from their summer break. The suspension of Parliament would not be the first time this has happened. The suspension of Parliament could also delay the Queen’s Speech, a document that will outline the government’s post-Brexit plans.

Science ministers quit after COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a major political crisis that has posed health, economic, and social challenges. Its origins in a novel coronavirus developed into a world pandemic, which closed schools for more than a billion students in spring 2020. By the time the pandemic hit almost every country in November, it had already affected 50 million people in at least fifty countries. The virus has now killed more than 1.25 million people worldwide, and governments have locked down nearly half of the world’s population in strong containment measures.

Cyclists could be forced to have registration plates and insurance

A new plan has been proposed to make it mandatory for English cyclists to have registration plates and insurance. This could increase the chances of cyclists being seen on the roads. Cyclists who break the law could be given fines and penalty points. The new laws would also force cyclists to adhere to speed limits. This measure could be the start of a crackdown on reckless riders. There are also plans to make cyclists follow the same drink-drive limits as motorists.

Labour leader outlines his party’s policies

Labour leader outlines party’s policies in English political news: The plan to freeze energy bills would cost PS44 billion a year. He would fund it with a windfall tax on oil companies in the North Sea. It has already received mixed reviews in the media, with one describing it as a “Starmer chimera” and the other saying that it is a step in the wrong direction.

David Cameron resigns after turbulent referendum on UK’s membership of the European Union

British Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned after the nation voted to leave the European Union. The decision comes hours after the prime minister spoke to global aerospace executives at the Farnborough airshow and announced his resignation. The UK stock market plunges on the news, and the pound hits a 31-year low. Nevertheless, the British Prime Minister said he would not trigger the process before his resignation is announced by September.

David Cameron booed at Queen’s jubilee thanksgiving service

The prime minister was booed by some churchgoers at the Queen’s jubilee thankstaking service at St Paul’s Cathedral. Boris Johnson and wife Carrie were greeted by boos as they arrived. Despite the booing, the couple made their way into the church. Some spectators even applauded them as they ascended the stairs.

SNP membership surges to over 100,000 in the UK after the referendum defeat

The SNP’s recent election victory has seen membership rise dramatically, with new members primarily on the radical left. This surge of radical left-wingers is unsettling to the party’s more conservative members, who have become increasingly impatient with the prospect of another independence plebiscite. At the same time, the influx of new members is expected to bolster the party’s campaigning machine.


Conservative political news in England is a mixed bag. Despite the recent general election, the Conservative Party has suffered a series of bruising defeats, including in Chesham and Amersham, a well-off northwest London district. The loss was widely interpreted as a backlash against Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, who is infamous for his divisive politics and tax-and-spend policies. Boris Johnson has promised to improve the economy and “level the playing field” in northern England, but some analysts are concerned that his policies will lead to a fracturing of support from traditional Tories, particularly in the south.