England Political News Round-Up

england political news

If you want to follow the latest developments in England politics, you’ll want to know what’s going on in the country. In this article, we’ll look at some of the main topics, including the Labour Party gaining the second most seats in the House of Commons, the SNP’s campaign for Scottish independence, and the result of the recent general election. For further news, you can follow our weekly political news round-up, hosted by Guardian political columnist John Harris.

Labour Party gains second-largest number of seats in House of Commons

The Labour Party’s recent election results have put the party on course for a comeback in the United Kingdom. Its candidates have performed well in local elections across the country, winning at least six seats in London and eight seats in the south. The party was founded by working-class activists who were frustrated by the Liberal Party, the dominant social-reform party in Britain. The Labour Representation Committee was formed in 1906, but it had no nationwide membership. Despite this, it was able to make significant progress through an informal agreement with the Liberal Party.

Conservatives gain majority

The recent election saw the Conservatives gain a majority in England, and the UK remains divided between Labour and the Liberal Democrats. In contrast, in Scotland, the SNP has won over 90% of the vote. This split, and the Conservatives’ subsequent rise to power, has raised questions about their ability to govern England. While the Conservatives will be pleased to know that they are now the most popular party in the UK, the repercussions will be far-reaching.

SNP advocates Scottish independence

The recent arguments for Scottish independence in England political news are not entirely surprising. In 2014, the SNP advocated more money from the CAP. But since 1997, the UK has smoothly adapted to devolution, with specific Scottish interests represented in Brussels. As a result, the SNP focused on their differences rather than recognizing what the UK has achieved. In other words, the SNP has failed to acknowledge what the UK has achieved, and they are still seeking independence.

Conservatives win no-deal Brexit

The Conservatives have declared that a no-deal Brexit would be the worst case scenario. Having sunk billions into the campaign, the party is confident of winning the majority that will be required for a smooth transition. However, it is still possible that the Brexit Party could split with the Conservatives and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn could bag a governing seat. That would be disastrous for the Conservative Party, Boris Johnson and Brexit voters.

Opposition leader sunning himself on a foreign holiday

It’s hard to see how anyone could deny an Opposition leader the chance to take time off, especially when these last few months have been brutal on everybody. While we’d never deny a well-earned break, the optics of a political leader jettisoning to a foreign holiday are simply off. But former Prime Minister Scott Morrison knows a thing or two about inopportune holiday timing.

Science ministers quit after COVID-19 pandemic

The resignations of the Scottish science minister and chief medical officer were widely reported by the media. However, they came as a surprise. The European Research Council has been working on 50 projects related to the coronavirus since its formation late last year. But it’s not all bad news. The European Commission regrets the resignations and calls for an independent investigation into the causes of the outbreak. The resignations come amid growing public concern over the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on society.

Boris Johnson resigns as prime minister

Johnson is stepping down as prime minister after losing the December election. His administration has been combative, chaotic and rife with scandal. His cabinet has lost trust after being criticized by the media and parliament for failing to tackle corruption allegations. His cabinet has been weakened by allegations of groping two men, including one who was a member of his own party. Former health secretary Sajid Javid is a likely successor, as is former Treasury chief Rishi Sunak. Foreign secretary Liz Truss and defense secretary Ben Wallace are also potential replacements.