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The 2016 presidential campaign received abysmal coverage from the American political press. Reflexive both-sides-ism and the emphasis on Clinton’s emails were evidence of this, and they also reflected an insider-focused approach to politics. Despite the fact that the press has no idea what motivates Trump supporters, they believe they share economic anxiety and a desire to shake things up. Hence, they view their pledges as malleable symbols of willingness to shake things up.

The Hill

The Hill is an American political news website and its owner is Nexstar Media Group, one of the largest local TV station operators in the country. Both companies have attempted to present themselves as neutral in an increasingly partisan political climate. The Hill’s chief editor, John Solomon, is a hard-right conspiracy theorist. And The Hill’s founder, Jerry Finkelstein, is a close friend of Donald Trump. However, that doesn’t mean The Hill is completely without controversy. The Hill has published some interesting stories and opinions about the latest political issues.

The Hill has also launched its streaming service on Plex, a global video streaming platform with more than 50,000 free titles, live TV shows and music. Nexstar Digital operates 125 websites and two39 mobile apps, including The Hill. Its digital platform offers a highly engaged audience that will enjoy the brand’s OTT content. The Hill’s content is widely shared on social media, making it a key digital influencer.


The founder of Politico, Axel Springer, has a long history of bending journalistic ethics, and he’s now the owner of the Washington news website Politico, which he will sell for $1 billion in October 2021 – more than five times its annual revenue. While he has been the subject of several high-profile lawsuits and investigations, his recent purchases of Politico have not raised any red flags about his alleged blending of right-wing politics and journalism.

As the most comprehensive news site for politics, Politico is now owned by Axel Springer SE, the German media conglomerate. The news site was founded in 2007 and has expanded rapidly since. It now employs nearly 700 people in North America, including more than half of them on the editorial staff. It also has offices in Europe and has partnered with the New York Times, CNN, Fox News, and WJLA.


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