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To generate a better game and keep a respectful community
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Data: 05/11/2018 08:04
To generate a better game and keep a respectful community
With characters that are cutsie and a colour scheme, MapleStory 2 seems like it is geared toward kids. And though the game prohibits words such as"trump" and"porn," devious For Honor Steel Credits players are finding their way around it.

Following is a statement on the problem from the MapleStory 2 team:"Each of the items under the'Design Shop' are created by players, not Nexon. Our policy is to allow gamers create, but we review and ban players and content based on reports and ToS of content.

Based on the report, we closely review every single thing and remove the item from the shop, and by the inventory of the gamers that purchased, and ban participant balances. Content containing sexual, racist, hateful or other items are flagged greater in priority for removal. Players who post offensive items or images are subject to being banned from the game. We've been acting quickly and ask that whenever players view these items in the shop to report immediately using the report button.

We are trying our very best to continue to reduce the gap and speed up the reaction time to generate a better game and keep a respectful community"

MapleStory 2 has served up 1 million downloads in its first week, according to programmer Nexon, indicating that gamers are eager to try out the new free-to-play MMO.

This surge of gamers has put a strain on Nexon's servers, and as a result, they're planning to expand. "Due to its rapid growth, the game continues to increase its servers," reads Nexon's press release.

At the moment, MapleStory 2 is sitting 24,387 concurrent customers, putting it in the top 20 games on Steam dependent on the current player count. Especially, this puts it slightly before Fallout 4 and Path of Exile (approximately 22k players each). However, it's still a ways behind continuing top-charters For Honor Items PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Dota 2 (between 650k and 750k players right now).

Still, reasonably high For Honor Items player counts are not entirely unexpected for a new free-to-play game, especially one as high-profile as MapleStory. It'll be telling whether the numbers remain constant during the next few weeks when we determine.
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