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The other side of this match other
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Data: 15/10/2018 04:06
The other side of this match other
The other side of this match other that MS2 Mesos keeps me coming back for more are the daily missions, dungeon conflicts and naturally Zakum (whom I still can't conquer ). Completing these on a daily basis will supply you with enough meso and substance to improve your items when needed.

It's suggested to perform these 5 steps to earn as much meso as you can. Collect 350 Maple Leaves Daily: You gain no cost Mysterious Pouch bag that rewards a random amount of meso. Entire Daily Missions: Completing all assignments will benefit a total of 120,000 meso. Mini Dungeon: You can farm approximately 150 to 200,000 meso for 30 minutes at Level 100. Elite Dungeon: Twist till Level 95+, and gain access to this daily Elite Dungeon. It will guarantee an Epic equipment. You are able to sell them 400 to 500,000 meso in the trading section. Trading Section: Selling perfect foundation attack weapons for 1 million meso and above.

Now more of comprehensive tips like getting the most out of your weapon. If you have already updated your weapon and it isn't greatest attack, fret not as you could always begin again--you can purchase maximum attack weapons for cheap in the exchange station.Firstly, do not waste your own meso and substances updating your weapon unless it's maximum attack. Check out this table to understand whether your item is capable of max attack or not.

Basically you would want the ideal assault weapon since the end game perform depends on how much damage you can do (unless you are a Bishop, and in that situation you won't be impacted by just how much damage you may inflict).Based on this you could also make simple meso off the Trade Station as mmogdp beginners like me sell our maximum attack weapons at a inexpensive price since they do not understand anything about stats nonetheless. I purchased my maximum Gun for 100,000 meso that was a steal as generally max stat weapons go for at least 1 million meso.
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