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quickly and
Yesterday evening - a few hours after he signed his new contract extension with the Ottawa Senators - Bobby Ryan posted a fairly harmless tweet about the Thursday night NFL game. Menelik Watson Jersey . @b_ryan9: Oh man. Is Rodgers going to throw for 450 tonight? The reaction was immediate and harsh. And no, it wasnt from Minnesota Vikings fans who were upset with Ryans comment about how Aaron Rodgers was carving up their defense. Instead, the first responders to the tweet were a wave of Philadelphia Flyers fans who were crushed that Ryan had chosen to stay with Ottawa instead of becoming a free agent and returning to his hometown near Philadelphia. A small sampling of the responses: @SauceItup: @b_ryan9: Are you coming to Philly? Should answer your question. Smile @FlyersNation: @b_ryan9: Why Bobby why @FlyersTime: @b_ryan9: you betrayed us #flyers @jDundon29: @b_ryan9: Well well its Bobby no Philly Ryan So after his media scrum ended this morning, I decided to ask Ryan if he paid much attention to the negativity coming out of Philadelphia since he signed his contract extension 24 hours earlier. He immediately started to laugh and pulled out his phone from his pocket. Actually, I got to show you the best one, because the picture was so good. Ryan showed me the image that he now has saved onto his phone. Its a fairly popular internet meme with a person eating a popsicle - and the caption about how a disappointing and salty taste has been left behind for Flyers fans. I had to laugh, Ryan said when he saw that picture. I sent it to my Mom and I was like youre going to love this. The irony of course, is that everybody in Philadelphia assumed that Ryan wanted to come home and play near his family and friends. Instead, Ryan shared a good laugh with his mom over the disappointment that Flyers fans were feeling. His Twitter feed being flooded by Philadelphia fans is nothing new for Ryan, who says that he has constantly been bombarded by them over the years. I was getting like 100 (tweets) per day at one point last summer and it was incredible, Ryan explained. But I think anybody who has social media goes through that from their hometown, but mine was just a little more in the media because of the trade rumours. Its daily and its constant what I get from Flyers fans -- and theyre great. They are awesome and I understand they want a hometown kid to play there. As for the mood from Flyers fans yesterday, Ryan said that the majority of them were actually fairly good-natured about his decision to stay in Ottawa instead of testing the free agent waters next summer. Most of them were pretty good. They said congratulations and we wish you luck anyway. I had a couple of ignorant ones where you just end up blocking the guy, said Ryan. But the most outpouring was from Sens fans and it was great. Flyers fans can be forgiven for assuming that Ryan would want to return to Philadelphia as an NHL player because for a while, it looked like the script was playing out perfectly. After his trade from Anaheim to Ottawa last season, many signs pointed to Ryan possibly testing out free agency on July 1, 2015. Even the 26-year-old Ryan -- who grew up in suburban Philadelphia -- admitted that the thought of returning home had crossed his mind. I always felt like it was -- not that it was destined -- but the way the stars were aligning over the past couple of years, that maybe it was a potential. But I never gave it much thought beyond that. I thought, Maybe it would be cool. And it was always flattering, he said. Ryan said he was extra cautious over the past year to make sure he didnt create a social media firestorm by favouriting or re-tweeting someones tweet about him going to the Flyers. Other NHL stars like Steven Stamkos and Evander Kane have gotten into hot water for doing similar things, so Ryan said he made sure he only interacted with some well-known parody accounts or people who were clearly joking about him going back to Philadelphia. Ill retweet or favorite some of those guys, but thats about it. You really have to pick your spots because people take things the wrong way way too often on Twitter. They cant pick up sarcasm on Twitter a lot of the time, Ryan said. For the record, Ryans first visit to Philadelphia this season is on January 6th and if the Flyers fans live up to their reputation, he can probably expect to hear a chorus of boos when he touches the puck at the Wells Fargo Center. Devontae Booker Jersey . 5 Trade Deadline isnt that far away and teams will be making decisions on whether to buy, sell and decide which players can make the biggest difference and hold the greatest value. Brandon Marshall Jersey .Y. -- Phil Jackson lost out on his preferred coach, but hes working hard on keeping his star player. . Six years of waiting are finally over for the Dallas defenceman. Daley had a goal and an assist, Kari Lehtonen recorded his fifth shutout of the season, and the Stars clinched their first playoff berth since 2008 with a 3-0 victory against the St.For the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, they will have to play on what we call a short week. They will play a game only five days after their previous game. This is something every team in the CFL will have to deal with at some point and being able to handle these short weeks is crucial to being a contender for first place. When I was a head coach and the newest schedule would come out, I would evaluate and break the season down by how many days off between games. For example, you wanted to know that we have five days between games twice, six days between games three times, seven days between games eight times and so on. I would do this for not only my team but also all the teams in the League and be able to see how each teams schedule was set up for days between games. If we had four, five day turnarounds between games and no other team had more than two, I was going to take that up with the CFL schedulers and ask for that to be changed in the next version to match the other teams five day turnaround schedules. Lets talk about some of the things that affect a team playing on a short week. One of the first things that would happen the day after a game is you get an injury report from the athletic training staff and that will tell you the status of players injuries and whether they will be ready to play. Short weeks make it very difficult for injured players to get healthy in time to play. In a seven or eight day work week, you can have two or three extra days to get an injured player ready to play. That could be all the time in the world, for the training staff to get him ready to play. So one of the biggest downfalls of short weeks is injured players may have a hard time being ready to play. Another thing that has to be adjusted is the practice schedule for the week. With only five days between games, you really have only four days to prrepare because the fourth day is the travel day. Brendan Langley Jersey. Most teams do one of two things on the day after a game on a short week. Most teams would bring the players in the day after the game and review the previous nights game and correct mistakes and evaluate the film with the players. Some teams may give the players the day after the game off and will show a few corrections to be made the following day. That leaves you with only two days and you have to combine what are usually three games of practice into two days. So the team will get less reps of their base offense usually and will still have to work on all situations. (Goal line, Red Zone, Backed Up etc.) So it is very hard for the coaches to communicate and teach the game plan with one fewer day to prep the players. I never had the players put the pads on during five day turnarounds because the players are still sore from the previous game and I wanted to do my best to make sure the players are ready to play the next game. From a game planning standpoint, coaches will actually try to do as much work as they can before the previous game knowing that they will have such a short turnaround the following week. Scouting reports and video breakdowns and whatever early paper work can be done is finished before the previous game. Another thing about game planning on a short week, many teams will have a smaller package of plays because they dont have time to practice and teach it all. I have found that is actually a good thing because we as coaches tend to put too much into our game plans. One advantage of the short week is if you lost the previous game, you get a chance to play again quickly and get back on track with a win. Short weeks have to be planned out and structured the right way, but are part of the unique scheduling of the Canadian Football League. NFL Jerseys Wholesale Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale Jerseys 2020 Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Online Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China ' ' '
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