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Jay Feely calls Tim Tebow
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Data: 12/07/2017 08:24
Jay Feely calls Tim Tebow
Jay Feely phone telephone cell phone message or calling Tim Tebow Fella, Even kickers are receiving their digs on Tim Tebow.Longtime NFL kicker Jay Feely called newly signed Eagles qb Tim Tebow single worst qb I saw in my career on Jim Rome Show, That air Wednesday.

Jay Feely on Jim Rome Show really respect whomever, The person, What he believes in and the things he does off the field. He was the single worst qb I saw in my career in the NFL. Like I witnessed him one day, I sat and watched him do routes on air with Ken Whisenhunt as we had arrived playing the Broncos. And tracks on air, At that point no DBs, You accurately what he going to run Russell Wilson Jersey cheap, Right no pass rush. He had like 13 incompletions in things on air. Sam, We could and also do routes on air and we would complete most of our passes.

Let examine those records. Beginning QB in the NFL to complete less than 50% of his passes in 11 years. Correct me if I wrong but I don think there are a starting QB to duplicate that feat since

Timmy averaged less points per game than any going into QB in over 30 years.

Led the little group in fumbles per snap.

Had more sacks generating 10 or more yard losses than any QB that season.

Most 3 and outs in the of the NFL Cliff Avril Jersey.

Yep it hard to think he hasn played in the NFL in over two years with record breaking stats like that.

Just. Face basic fact. The Broncos defense faced a depleted Steelers team on tomorrow with a gimpy QB. Tebow got lucky on a no longer working play, Found a guy open in an area your so HUGE, Your nanna could have completed a pass in, And got a cheap Touchdown Remember this Greatness at the QB position requires CONSISTENT GOOD PLAY in the game, And opporutnity to overcome early mistakes that, This individual is NOT Tim Tebow never has been, Never will be training course cut, A pat on the trunk, And Tebow on a knee outside Eagles HQ praying for just one more shot

I watched the game play. The reason DT was wide open was because the Steelers were playing the run al the way everybody was up in the box to stuff TT. They were given burned. Your right your traits of a great QB.

I will say this though about TT and these times. He is in an offense scheme that suits him and his abilities. It resembles what he ran at UF in many ways. If he makes it here he needs to leave the game. If he has made innovative developments on his passing game as House has stated, He may be the starter for the Eagles. Time will state if he has truly improved his skills.

The Steelers were so good among the to play the Broncos at Mile High in a wildcard game. No matter what being a banged up team(Even their QB was taking part in on one leg) They still pushed timmy into OT.

Had just Big Ben been healthy it would be safe to say that a healthy Big Ben would have been good forat least one more FG in regulation and little timmy could not had seen OT.

Factor in any additional yards that DT picked up after catching timmy 12 yard pass(Which high school QB make constantly each and every Saturday) Timmy only had roughly 214 passing yards in rules which was actually 80 or somore yards than timmy typically passed for in a game. Not exactly earth shaterring but sufficiently good to eke by.

Say what you would but in 2011 timmy played in 14 games including the playoffs compared to Orton 5. Orton completed over 58% of his passes matched against timmy less than 47%. Timmy had 12 passing TD in 14 programs, Orton had 8 passing TD in 5 games timmy does have the edge in INT but when you only let a guy throw fwo to 15 passes a game he unlikely to throw that many. Orton 196 passing yards per game was pretty pathetic but still 72 yards per game quite as good as timmy. And to timmy credit his QB rating was only 3 points below what Orton

Would it not matter if I told you I did? Does it alter the fact he is RIGHT? Feely has bounced throughout the league for about 13 years. His career in the NFL was longer than Timmy Try Hard may perhaps be.

Timmy has been out of the league for 2 years now and is now a FORTH string QB for the Eagles who might not even make the final roster.

I trust Feely assessment of Tebow more than any myopic fan of his or anyone NOT in the NFL either. I believe those across the league are FAR more qualified to judge Timmy than anyone.

For a second time, I DID answer your rrssue, You just don like the answer because it doesn support your stunted Russell Wilson Jersey cheap, Defective outlook Tebow has no business playing Quarterback, And indeed, this will opinion of people much more qualified than myself to judge his talent, And it is a viewpoint I agree with strongly. As I do NOT own an NFL team, And those that DO have declined to employ him the last two NFL seasons, My estimation of him is justified. Do you're certain now? And also, Should you continue acting like a troll?

Stating a inescapable fact that Tebow is a horrible NFL QB is not trashing him.

If it weren for his ridiculous fan base who believes he a great QB simply because he a good person he has been tolerated more. However with people like you who go on the attack just about all fans like myself want him gone.

You and fans like you bring down discussions as you are not capable of seeing the truth. You refuse to see his inabiility in regards to playing QB in the NFL. You make ridiculous claims of conspiracies or as you did make personal attacks since someone states Timmy is a horrible QB. Your lack of detachment and childish antics do a disservice to Tebow.

Of course I have said all this before but blind fans like yourself fail to see the simple truth. No point in commenting on it further given you are simply another blind fan in the Tebow army.

Seeing as it can't be entirely truthful no. I just find it funny you take a look at tearing someone down and yet that what you did Earl Thomas Jersey cheap.

This can be an hypocrisy of myopic Tebow fans like yourself.

Contrary I find you to be completely hillarious. It always amuses me to see supposed adult males act like screaming teenaged girls when it comes to Tebow.

Let me ask you a simple concern. Why is it such an issue to you if people think(Consequently) Tebow is a poor QB? Do you get some kind of validation by being one of his screaming faithful and defending him? Why do you feel the need to personally attack someone since they don like Tebow as a QB? Do you behave this way on other players or is this your only man crush?
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