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Failed bills wouldn have stopped Orlando shooting
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Data: 28/06/2017 09:38
Failed bills wouldn have stopped Orlando shooting
Failed bills wouldn have stopped Orlando and energy Wed, Gun control measures are over the rest the minds of members of Congress. Senate stalled movement on four completely varied gun control measures Monday Jalen Richard Jersey, With all four failing to reach the 60 vote threshold you will a debate and forwarding vote. Two of the measures were proposed by dems, Two just with Republicans.

Alaska's two Republican senators, Ak senate and Dan Sullivan, Both voted for two Republican offered measures, And against two Democratic suggested ones.

Channel 2 News heard from both senators Tuesday on why they cast their votes the direction they did.

Sen. Murkowski said in a phone interview that she shares the views and opinions of all senators on both sides of the aisle that Americans should be safe and guns should be kept out on hands of terrorists, Crooks and the mentally unstable, But that's"Any solution that we build shouldn't compromise the rights of a law abiding citizen,

An argument from Sen. Sullivan's representative Mike Anderson said Sullivan will fight for Alaskans' and Americans' rights to bear arms.

"Hate killed our fellow voters in Florida, Clearly a hate filled ideology that is intent on destroying all that is good about our country our diversity, Our freedom and our composition, Anderson stipulated, Reporting Sullivan's position DeAndre Washington Jersey. "To use this horrific act of terrorism as an excuse to weaken any of these things that make us Americans is nothing more than a travesty,

The broadest of the reforms planned in the Senate Monday was drafted by Sen. Attorney General to deny firearm sales to known or supposed terrorists. It's the same proposal Feinstein offered up last year after a shooting in San Bernardino by a husband wife team who killed 14 people at a county health category holiday party. The couple was found to have ties to extreme Islamism after inquiry.

Feinstein's bill failed to proceed with a 47 53 vote

Murkowski listed her"None of" Vote on Feinstein's measure goods due process. Murkowski says the list cited in Feinstein's proposal has between 800,000 your decide one million names on it(The complete number is debated, States).

"What you have is potentially a very significant number of false positives, Murkowski expressed. She says people have ended up on the list for reasons like having a similar name to somebody that is a terrorist.

Sen. Sullivan said the list is too erroneous, And is by its nature secret. In an announcement to Channel 2, Sullivan's representative Mike Anderson said, "Americans may be put on it by a belligerent co worker, A unimpressed employee, Or an ancient friend. They can't know when on it, Or fully grasp, Or if to log off of it,

He continued that FBI Director James Comey in 2015 claimed that the proposal, "Could 'blow' pending investigations by alerting the average person when he or she is denied a gun,

A suggestion by Sen. Tom Cornyn, R Texas added in a three day waiting around period, During which a judge would rule on whether probable cause exists to deny buying. Both of Alaska's senators backed by the measure, With Sullivan's office phoning it a"Good sense alternative,

The bill failed to proceed with a tally of 53 in favor and 47 opposed.

When asked if thez three day waiting period would be enough time to get information to a judge and make an informed decision, Murkowski said that though she backed up the amendment, "That's a fair self deprecation Connor Cook Jersey,

She said the key to the bill was due process to a law abiding citizen who may be on the list by mistake.

An modification proposed by Sen. John Murphy, Def Conn, Proposed to expand criminal history checks to all firearm transactions, With very few conditions. The vote to forward the check failed 44 56. Sixty votes are necessary to get a bill to debate.

Murkowski pointed to the very few exceptions where a criminal background checks would not be required in a transaction. She says that inside the bill, The Orlando shooting, Who was an exclusive security officer, Could still have obtained a gun without a arrest court background check through his employer.

Sullivan's statement did circuitously address the Murphy amendment.

Alaska's senators also established an amendment proposed by Sen. Toss Grassley, R Iowa, That would have increased funding for the National Instant court records Check System(NICS) By encouraging speedy reporting of knowledge to the list, Murkowski expressed.

"It's really about ensuring the laws that we have on the books, The criminal record checks that we require under the law now, (Being confident that) Which all work,

Grassley's modification stalled with a 53 47 vote.

When asked Tuesday what other conditions outside of terrorism needed to be addressed in gun reforms, Murkowski said that mental issues of health weren't addressed in the four amendments addressed on Monday, But that the Senate had forwarded bills addressing that in earlier times year,

"But we did not embrace it in this debate. I think it has to be perhaps the debate, She understood.

Murkowski said that nevertheless the Orlando shooter, Whom she termed a"Homegrown enemy, Professed his allegiance to a terrorist organization and does appear to have been radicalized, "Based on one of the other accounts that we have had, Wedding ceremony a stable man. It is really an angry, Volatile solo, And you have a host of things uniting,

Sullivan's representative, Anderson, Stressed that hate was the root of the issue. "This issue is not about guns or a watch list which the killer wasn't on for the duration of the horrific murders. The problem is about individuals and groups that so deeply hate our citizens and what we stand for, That they will use any and all means available to try to destroy us,

Sullivan, In his Monday video article, Urged action to defeat ISIS abroad, "To be sure that they are not viewed as some sort of winning team that can inspire terrorists from America to do these kind of heinous acts,

Both senators said they had received calls from Alaskans urging them to vote on either side of the issue. Murkowski said the informal interactions she had with her office staff were that Alaskans were split about 50/50 on the issue Connor Cook Jersey, With commentary covering anything from both ends of the spectrum on banning all guns or not restricting any access, To callers with requests with supporting or deny specific bills.
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